Jake Waterman

Peer Mentor

Freshman Tips


– Dont drink in the residence hall
– Please do not violate the Honor Code (Lying, Cheating, or Stealing)
– Don’t stress too much about registering for the right classes! You will have many opportunities to take certain classes, you can withdraw and add classes the first couple weeks of school, and it is great to explore different subject areas
– Download the Guide app! It’s a really helpful app to keep you updated on school activities, explore eating options around town (many accept EagleOne), and you can schedule advising appointments with professors through the app.
– Download the RAVE Guardian app, it is a good tool to keep you safe!
– Keep the receipts of the books you rent! You will need them when you return your books at the end of the semester.
– Get a planner! I use my planner frequently each semester, it is a good way to stay updated on assignments.
– Check your email and Canvas daily (I would suggest downloading the app for Canvas)
– Go to club fair!
– If you are interested in running for a student leadership position talk to me and I can help guide you with the election process. I’ll let you know when the election for freshman student leadership positions begin, if you let me know.